One Month, One Separated Shoulder, One Broken Radiator, One More Tour in the Books


Thanks to everyone who helped us out this last month during our U.S. tour. We really appreciate your support and enthusiasm. The shows were amazing, the bands ruled, and everyone made sure we had a great time in their respective cities. A special thanks to Hajji from the rest of the band is also in order. Not only did he earn MVP honors in Texas for not loosing any of our beers while inner-tubing through rapids, but he also toughed it out in a major way by playing the last three weeks of tour despite suffering from a separated shoulder. The biggest thanks of course then goes to those of you who provided extra beers and pain killers for Hajji while we were on the road. Without you we would have had to cancel dates. Mr. Quint & Mr. Foote, you were especially helpful. No thanks to the sound guy in Raleigh who made us play on the stage that Hajji had a difficult time staying on. In the future, trust us sound people, we know our own weaknesses. Once again we apologies to everyone in Raleigh for the short set. We’ll try to make it up with a free show as soon as possible.

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