News 8/24/07

Today is the first day of the Red Dons & Revisions European tour. Check out the dates below for a show near you! If you can help book any of our days off please contact us at

Red Dons / Revisions Euro Tour ‘07

August – 24th: Leiden @ Bar en Boos (Red Dons & Revisions)
August – 25th: Nijmegen @ De Onderbroek (Red Dons & Revisions)
August -26th : Ieper Fest @ IeperFest 12:00pm (Red Dons & Revisions)
August – 26th: Paris @ Le Rocher (w/ B.U.S.H)
August –27th: Paris @ La Melanique Onducatoire (Revisions)
August -28th: St. Etienne @ L’Assommoir Pub
August -29th: La Roca (Barcelona) @ El Moli
August – 30th: Madrid @ Wurlitzer Balroom
August – 31st: Donostia / San Sabastian @ Atabal

September – 1st: Arnedo @ Sala Sendero
September -2nd: Bordeaux, Fr @ La Centrale (6 :00)
September -3rd: St. Etienne @ L’Assommoir Pub (Revisions)
September- 4th: Mannheim @ Juz Mannheim
September- 5th: Vienna @ The Arena (w/ Brat Pack & B.U.S.H.)
September- 6th: Munchen @ Kafe Kult ( w/ All My Hate For)
September -7th: Innsbruck @ PMK (w/Zadopek)
September – 8th: Tabor, Cz @ Café 7 ( w/ C )
September- 9th: Chemitz @ Subway to Peter (Red Dons & Revisions)
September-10th : Ujezd, Horovice, Cz @ Statek
September -11th: Dresden @ Chemiefabric (Red Dons & Revisions)
September-12th: Potsdam
September -13th: Helsingor, DK @ Musikhuset Elværket
September -13th: Malmo @ TBA (w/ Brutal Knights)
September – 14th: Stockholm @ Brother Tuck
September –15th: Umea @ The Farm
September – 16th: Umea @ Food Not Bombs (Revisions)
September- 17th: Stockholm @ Louie Louie (Revisions)
September –18th: Malmo @ TBA (w/ Lost Patrol Band)
September-19th: Copenhagen @ TBA (Red Dons & Revisions)
September- 20th: Bremen @ Golden Shop (w/Austin Lucas) 2 :00pm
September- 20th: Bremen @ Friese (w/ Guided Cradle)
September -21st: Groningen @ Irish Pub
September-22nd: Metz @ La Tunnel
September-25th: Brighton (Red Dons & Revisions)
September-26th: High Wycombe
September-27th: Manchester
September-28th: Newcastle (Red Dons & Revisions in Store)
September-29th: Guildford
September-30th: London (Red Dons & Revisions)

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