NEWS 5/30/08


Bags are packed we’re ready to go!!! We leave tomorrow morning for tour and here are some updates. First off, the new and improved remixed, remastered version of Death to Idealism won’t be available until June 4th or 5th thanks to an absent minded move by a pressing plant employee of the at the post office last week. We hope to have them by our show in St. Paul, Minnesota. It also appears that our show in Des Moines may have been canceled. If anyone in Lincoln, Omaha, or Des Moines can find us a show on June 4th please contact us asap!

In other news, we are featured in the June issue of Maximum Rocknroll. The interview answers a lot of questions many of you might have about the band. If you are in Portland this week, the Red Dons are also featured in the May 28th issue of the Willamette Week. It is a free magazine so pick up a copy! O.K. now back to tour!!!! Here are the dates. Hope to see you at one of our shows!!!

Wednesday, May 28th 10:00pm Mt. Tabor Legacy Portland, Or
Friday, May 30th 8:00pm The Coop Portland, Or
Saturday, May 31st 7:00pm R5 Records Sacramento, Ca
Sunday, June 3rd 7:00pm Seamens Lodge Nevada City, Ca
Monday, June 2nd 8:00pm Artopia Salt Lake City, Utah
Tuesday, June 3rd 8:00pm The Blast-O-Mat Denver, CO
Wednesday, June 4th 8:00pm Haunted Basement Des Moines, Iowa
Thursday, June 5th 8:00pm New Eclipse Records St. Paul, MN
Friday, June 6th 8:00pm BFG House Appleton, WI
Saturday, June 7th 8:00pm Cafe Duvall Chicago, Il
Sunday, June 8th 10:00pm Frank’s Power Plant Milwaukee, Wi
Monday, June 9th 8:00pm Duneland YMCA Chesterton, Indiana
Tuesday, June 10th 8:00pm Rancho Relaxo Toronto, On
Wednesday, June 11th 6:00pm Valentines Albany, NY
Wednesday, June 11th 10:00pm Warehouse
Albany, NY
Thursday, June 12th 8:00pm Ratscellar Boston, Ma
Frisday, June 13th 8:00pm AS220 Providence, RI
Saturday, June 14th 3:00pm The Cake Shop
152 Ludlow St
New York City, NY
Sunday, June 15th 7:00pm Disgraceland Philadelphia, Pa
Monday, June 16th 8:00pm Mr. Roboto Pittsburgh, PA
Tuesday, June 17th 9:00pm Rea Sea St. Louis, MO
Wednesday, June 18th 10:00pm The Anchor Kansas City, MO
Thursday, June 19th 8:00pm 1919 Hemphill Ft. Worth, Tx
Friday, June 20 9:00pm Rudyard Houston, Tx
Saturday, June 21st 10:00pm Emos Austin, Texas
Sunday, June 22nd 10:00pm The Boss Bar San Antonio, Tx
Monday, June 23rd 6:00pm The Farm Las Cruces, NM
Tuesday, June 24th 8:00pm The Grumpus Room Tucson, AZ
Wednesday, June 25th 7:00pm Gus’ House Los Angeles, Ca
Thursday, June 26th 1:00pm The Bad Pad Long Beach, Ca
Thursday, June 26th 7:00pm The Smell Los Angeles, Ca
Friday, June 27th 7:00pm Biko Co-op Isla Vista, CA
Saturday, June 28th 8:00pm Burnt Ramen San Francisco, CA

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