We are having a difficult time choosing a name for one of our new songs. So, we think it would be best to hear suggestions from all of you. Below is a recording of the song with the lyrics. If you get an idea, please leave it as a comment on this post. The person who comes up with the best title for the song will get free Red Dons records, merch, and basically anything else they want. We are looking forward to see what you come up with!

Untitled Song

Dear Inspector Hajji
There’s an uproar in the streets below
Just crawl to your window
Look down on the crowd
You can see their faces hear them now
They’re calling to God and

Fear of all
Danger is shut out
Gotta hear the words they say
Come on now

Uniformed Supermen
Use their guns to clear this place
It’s law now it’s law now
Where did all
The people go
Nothing but their shoes remain
It’s odd how their gone now

Fear of all
Danger is shot down
Gotta hear these words they say
Come on now

Would you follow me into town
Could you follow me there
Though the streets continually
Seem to be narrowing

And every breath you take
You feel like every step you make could be a big mistake
Ducking into alleyways
And hiding from Mukhabarat

Be advise of your rights
Gotta hear the words they say
Come on now
Come on now
Come on now
Gotta hear the words they say
Come on now

30 thoughts on “HELP US NAME OUR SONG!!!

  1. OK, I didn’t realize that you have to “become a member” of the site to leave a comment. Don’t worry, it is free and painless to. Just click the “login” link at the bottom of the comments page. Then click “Register” at the bottom of the WordPress login page. Follow the directions, set up a password, and you are good to go. Bruno has set the bar pretty high with “Unheard Words of Innocents.” Good luck to the rest of you!

  2. How about “Watch your step”, “Look Around You”, “Look at Life Now” They all sound like they could be a lyric in the song but they aren’t.

    Or I just thought of “Uniform Compliance”.

    Do any of these help?

  3. First of all: This rocks. This was one of the standouts from the new tracks you guys played live. The progression and visuals I get remind me of something like No Pain from Death to Idealism, which was a brilliant track.

    In reference to Mukhabarat:
    “Hidden from Security”

    “Falling Uprising”
    “Residents of Abandoned Streets” (or “Empty”?)
    “Far from Here”

    Much love, and luck,

  4. How about “Blades of Grass”? Like just being completely overwhelmed and mowed over like a blade of Grass.

    How will we know who wins this contest? haha

  5. This song is great! My thought is “Would You Follow” Its a great part for it in the song.

    Another might be “State of Silence”. Its got a couple definitions to it.

  6. Ok well.. hello from me..j these are few short ideas.. The Wind-Up.. .. El Santo….. Take my life …… Things to do today… Superclean .. Hidden Agendas.. A Good man is easy to kill.. Gravity is bringing us down.. Cruel minor change….Good luck hope to see you in London soon..

  7. For those of you with questions…

    Thanks so much to everyone leaving suggestions for the song title. They have all been really excellent! Some of you have been asking similar questions about the contest so I’ll try to answer them the best I can.

    TheBCF asked a good question. “How will we know who wins the contest?”
    We will let the contest go another week or two. Then, the band members will vote on a title. We will announce on the website the winning name, and contact the person or people responsible.

    To help answer some other questions, I just want to let everyone know these few things. It is ok, and encouraged to submit as many times and as many different names as you would like. Also, don’t be afraid to submit names that seem “obvious.” All ideas are in play.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Thanks again,

  8. To quote Mr. Sayer himself:


    Or, to quote the Bearded Vancouverite:


  9. 1. Procession of Faith
    2. Crimes Against Humanity
    3. Good Mourning
    4. Salaam
    5. Shattered Innocence
    6. Oppression
    7. Sudden Death
    8. Abuse of Power Comes as No Surprise

    umm, I think thats all for now.

  10. 10. Inspector 99

    why 99??? for the 99 names of Allah. seemed kinda relevant.

    11. Crumbs of Insanity
    12. Severed Souls

  11. Hello From Finland!

    What a great song You have here!

    My answer would be,

    “Suppressed Minds”

    Hope we can see You in Finland someday!!

    Take care!

  12. “Absent omnipresence”
    Walking through the streets, attending to the Ba’ath Party’s reunions or weight lifting at the gym to become the next Mr. Asia and make my dreams become true. My fear is constant. You never know about those around you. Every fellow is a potencial and virtual hidden enemy.

  13. Congratulations Michl! You just won!!! See everyone , it was that simple. All you had to do was show how much you love football. Just joking, the ACTUAL winner will be announced soon.

    Thanks again for participating. This was a lot of fun! There are so many great ideas. It was hard to pick just one.

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