News 11/6/08


Above is a photo by Mateus Mondini in Brazil last month. The photo features our new guitarist Zach Brooks (Soda Pop Kids, Scott Baio Army). Zach joined the band because time constraints made it too difficult for Andy to participate in our live shows. We are very excited to have Zach in the band.

Tomorrow we will be playing at the Coop with Criminal Damage, and Caregiver. Here is the write up for the show featured in this week’s issue of Willamette Week. It will be our last show before the Brazilian tour and our last show in Portland until March or April.

[ANTIHERO PUNK] “When on-the-rise punk band the Observers suddenly and inexplicably disbanded in 2005, murmurs about the death of the PDX punk scene echoed from the Northwest warehouse district all the way to Felony Flats. But the funeral-baked meats did coldy furnish forth the marriage tables, and not long after the breakup of one of our most historic bands did a formation of equal importance follow. Combining members of the Observers and PDX punk notables Clorox Girls, the Red Dons form a Buzzcocks-channeling supergroup that defies anyone who dares to criticize the incestousness of the Portlandpunk-tribe. Sharp, fast, antihero punk should make for one rowdy fucking house show.” CHANDLER FREDRICK

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