New 12/21/07

Be sure to tune in to KPSU 1450AM at 10:00pm on Christmas eve to hear us play live on Sound Judgment. It will be our last performance of what has been an extremely busy year. For those of you unable to catch it, the show will air again on January 7th. If you still can’t catch the show or you don’t live in the Portland area, we will be posting the performance on our website. The radio show features Andy Foote on Guitar and Hajji’s newly fixed bass. Thanks to everyone at Centar Guitar for bringing the rick back to life!

In other news, “Death to Idealism” was voted one of the top 20 albums of 2007 by the Cult Punk website! Check out our Reviews page for more new reviews of our LP and have a good year. We will check back in in 2008.

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