A Vote for the Unknown


Red Dons have collaborated on a song with punk legend TV Smith. The former ADVERTS front man wrote lyrics and sings over music we recorded in a Swedish bomb shelter in 2011. The song is titled A Vote for the Unknown. It will be available on vinyl this Fall thanks to Deranged Records and Taken By Surprised Records. Here is a link to the song.


Out Now: Ausländer / Mauvaise Foi


We released a new record today. Copies are available through Dirtnap Records. We will also have copies with us on our west coast tour next month. Here is how some folks describe the release.

[POST-PUNK POP] Red Dons’ moddish post-punk has never lacked for melody, but the Dons’ new Dirtnap Records 7-inch might be the Portland quartet’s most comely pop product yet. A-side “Auslander” comes within spitting distance of the five-minute mark without ever threatening to overstay its welcome, which is a rare feat. The anthem flies by in classic Adverts fashion, with punk fury mellowed by a helping of melancholic world-weariness; it’s one of those expansive love songs in which romance escapes the trite ties of pair-bonding and attaches itself to existential equations. Which is to say you don’t need to be in love to love “Auslander.” You need only be alive. – Willamette Week

“Red Dons at their most straightforward, melodic, and powerful. The A side in particular might be their best song yet. 2 new tracks, written in 2010-2011 between Chicago, Brazil, London, Portland, and Hamburg, recorded in Sweden in a cold war era bomb shelter during a 2011 European tour by Lars Ekman (Hanna Hirsch, Förmögenhet). Look for a west coast tour with The Estranged in September 2012. All copies come with download coupon. FIRST 200 ARE ON BLUE VINYL AND ARE AVAILABLE ONLY FROM GREEN NOISE RECORDS! Also available on black vinyl.” -Dirtnap Records



Our new album Fake Meets Failure is available on Deranged Records in North America and Taken By Surprise Records in Europe. You can order the LP off of both labels’ websites or get it from us at one of our shows this summer. Soon you will also be able to download the album off our website. Check out our SHOWS page to find out when and where we will be playing this summer.

NEW 7″ OUT JUNE 28th!!! Pre-orders available!!!


We have released a new 7″ on Deranged Records. It features two new songs entitled “Pariah” and “It’s Your Right”. Derek Willman (Hellshock, From Ashes Rise, & The Estranged) plays bass on “It’s Your Right”. You can order the record off the Deranged Records website, or pick up a copy from us personally at one or our shows this summer. Here are the tour dates. We hope to see you at one of these shows.

7/08 – Milwaukee @ Ground Zero
7/09 – Chicago @ Ronny’s
7/10 – Kansas City @ Studded Bird
7/11 – St. Louis @ Atomic Cowboy
7/12 – Carbondale (Afternoon Show) @ Plaza Records
7/12 – Memphis @ The Hitone
7/13 – Denton @ Rubber Gloves
7/14 – Ft. Worth @ 1919 Hemphill
7/15 – San Antonio @ The Pedicab
7/16 – Austin @ Beerland
7/17 – Houston @ Mangos
7/18 – New Orleans @ Saturn Bar
7/19 – Gainesville @ Wayward Council
7/20 – Chattanooga @ TBA
7/21 – Raleigh @ Berkley Cafe
7/22 – Richmond @ Gallery 5
7/23 – Washington D.C. @ St. Stephens Church
7/24 – Baltimore (Afternoon show) @ Charm City
7/24 – Philadelphia @ JR’s
7/25 – New York City @ Death By Audio 49
7/26 – Providence @ 201
7/27 – Boston @ Gay Gardens
7/28 – Albany @ Valentines
7/29 – Montreal @ L’X
7/30 – Ottawa @ Babylon
7/31 – Toronto @ Parts & Labour
8/1 – Buffalo @ Sugar City
8/2 – Pittsburgh @ Helter Shelter
8/6 – Elgin @ The Gasthaus
8/7 – Chicago @ TBA

News 11/22/07


Our debut LP is available now from Deranged Records. Check out our Reviews page to see what some people have said about the album. We also have two shows next month in Portland. Please check out our Shows page for more info. Lastly, we are planning a U.S. tour in March and April. If you can help with a show please let us know.

News 5/27/07

The last two months have been very busy for the Red Dons. Our debute ep Escaping Amman was released on Deranged Records, we toured with the Clorox Girls, found a new drummer, and recorded an LP.


Richard Joachim is now drumming for both the Revisions and the Red Dons. This is not the first time that Joachim and Burns have worked together. Joachim played drums briefly in the Speds and the Observers. He has made the transition from one drummer to the other a very smooth process and we are all very excited that he is now in the band. Here is a song entitled This City from our upcoming LP, Death to Idealism coming out this summer on Deranged Records featuring Joachim on drums.


News 3/3/07

web_amman_cover.jpg The Escaping Amman 7″ is off to the pressing plant and will come out on Deranged Records in April. For a sneak peak at two of the songs off this four song ep, check out our “Sounds” page. We are also gearing up to record an additional ep next week. That record is coming out on Green Noise Records. In April and May the Red Dons will be touring North America with the Clorox Girls. Be sure to check out our “Shows” page for dates. The Revisions may play select dates on that tour too. Hopefully we’ll see you at one of the shows.