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Check out the new Razorcake Podcast. It features the Red Dons, Tranzmitors, Mean Jeans, Defect Defect, Crusades and a bunch of other great bands.


RED DONS: Fake Meets Failure: LP
Lightning. Pure, white-hot, hot-streaking, sizzling, punk lightning. It’s punk that people who’ve “given up,” “don’t get,” or “moved on” from punk have the highest percentage of liking. It’s just so obviously scorching, beautiful, and crackling music, regardless of genre. And I was reluctant to admit that lightning could strike twice. One of the driving forces behind Red Dons is Doug Burns, the lead singer and guitarist of the untouchable every-member-made-it-greater band, The Observers. The Red Dons first LP, Death to Idealism, while it had its bright spots, sounded covered in blankets, a little restricted and restrained, a little awkward, a little tentative. Getting used to new skin. Not so with Fake Meets Failure. The burka’s ripped off, faces are revealed, and those faces are screaming. Analogous to the transformation of the Vicious to Masshysteri or Sexy to Future Virgins, it took a little time from the dusk of one band to the dawn of another, but the newer band, exhibiting similar genetic code to its predecessor, has developed its own personality, its own habits, and has accomplished what many, including myself, didn’t think was possible: release more music that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with some of their own legacy’s finest work. One of the best punk records of 2010, hands down. –Todd (Deranged)

News 8/3/09


For those who missed it, here is a link to audio of the Chemicals performance on KBOO’s Life During Wartime Program. It was Dougie Druggie’s (Douglas Burns) last set with the group. Thanks to Erin, Kevin, Kate, and Calie for all the work they did to make the show happen. Another big thanks goes out to everyone who came down to watch us play. It was a lot of fun. Here is the set list from the night. Enjoy or Die!!!

Frustration / Same Old Pattern / Peppermint Schnapps / Chemical Burn / Bubble city / Just For Kicks /Chemical Livin!/D.R.A.G. / Play with our Brains / Times I Died / Radiation / 30 MG’s / I Don’t Like the Way You Look/ The Ballad of Richie and Dougie / Out with the Tide