Welcome to the family Ruby

We’re very excited to welcome Ruby Sparks to the RED DONS family. If you live in the mid-west, come see Ruby’s debut shows as a Red Don this June (dates below).

Also, be sure to check out Ruby’s band THE STOPS. They’ll be touring Europe in October. http://thestops.bandcamp.com/

6/18 – DETROIT @ Lager House Detroit w/ Hysterese, Devious Ones
6/19 – HAMILTON @ TBA (early show)
6/19 – TORONTO @ Bridge Show
6/20 – OTTAWA @ Ottawa Explosion
6/21 – MONTREAL @ Casa del Popolo w/ Destruction Unit
6/23 – COLUMBUS @ Ace of Cups w/ Nervosas
6/24 – BLOOMINGTON @ Madison Square Garden w/ Nervosas
6/25 – CHICAGO @ Burlington w/ Nervosas, Daylight Robbery

NEW 7″ OUT JUNE 28th!!! Pre-orders available!!!


We have released a new 7″ on Deranged Records. It features two new songs entitled “Pariah” and “It’s Your Right”. Derek Willman (Hellshock, From Ashes Rise, & The Estranged) plays bass on “It’s Your Right”. You can order the record off the Deranged Records website, or pick up a copy from us personally at one or our shows this summer. Here are the tour dates. We hope to see you at one of these shows.

7/08 – Milwaukee @ Ground Zero
7/09 – Chicago @ Ronny’s
7/10 – Kansas City @ Studded Bird
7/11 – St. Louis @ Atomic Cowboy
7/12 – Carbondale (Afternoon Show) @ Plaza Records
7/12 – Memphis @ The Hitone
7/13 – Denton @ Rubber Gloves
7/14 – Ft. Worth @ 1919 Hemphill
7/15 – San Antonio @ The Pedicab
7/16 – Austin @ Beerland
7/17 – Houston @ Mangos
7/18 – New Orleans @ Saturn Bar
7/19 – Gainesville @ Wayward Council
7/20 – Chattanooga @ TBA
7/21 – Raleigh @ Berkley Cafe
7/22 – Richmond @ Gallery 5
7/23 – Washington D.C. @ St. Stephens Church
7/24 – Baltimore (Afternoon show) @ Charm City
7/24 – Philadelphia @ JR’s
7/25 – New York City @ Death By Audio 49
7/26 – Providence @ 201
7/27 – Boston @ Gay Gardens
7/28 – Albany @ Valentines
7/29 – Montreal @ L’X
7/30 – Ottawa @ Babylon
7/31 – Toronto @ Parts & Labour
8/1 – Buffalo @ Sugar City
8/2 – Pittsburgh @ Helter Shelter
8/6 – Elgin @ The Gasthaus
8/7 – Chicago @ TBA

News 8/3/09


For those who missed it, here is a link to audio of the Chemicals performance on KBOO’s Life During Wartime Program. It was Dougie Druggie’s (Douglas Burns) last set with the group. Thanks to Erin, Kevin, Kate, and Calie for all the work they did to make the show happen. Another big thanks goes out to everyone who came down to watch us play. It was a lot of fun. Here is the set list from the night. Enjoy or Die!!!

Frustration / Same Old Pattern / Peppermint Schnapps / Chemical Burn / Bubble city / Just For Kicks /Chemical Livin!/D.R.A.G. / Play with our Brains / Times I Died / Radiation / 30 MG’s / I Don’t Like the Way You Look/ The Ballad of Richie and Dougie / Out with the Tide

News 8/3/09


Here is a photo by Sachiko Arakawa from last month’s show with the Triggers at Work/Sound. Thanks to Jonny, Candy, Justyn, & Tarika for asking us to play. The Triggers played an amazing set and a lot of money was raised for Dave Lieberman’s medical expenses. We all enjoyed the chance to play one more time in Portland this year, so thanks again to Derek Willman. Without him it would not have been possible. He did a great job filling in for Hajji on the bass. It was really fun collaborating and we’re excited that we were able to find enough time to record a song together. That song will be featured on an upcoming 7″ that should be out at the end of 2009. For more photos by Sachiko check out her flickr page by clicking HERE.

News 7/5/09


It’s a quick one while he’s away…On July 18th the Red Dons will join Salted City, Severance Package (ex-Blackfork), and the Triggers for one last show in Portland before Douglas moves to Chicago. This show is a benefit for Dave Leiberman who shattered his leg in a bike accident earlier this year. It is the first time that the legendary Triggers have reunited for a show after breaking up over five years ago. Derek Willman (pictured above) of Hellshock and The Estranged will fill in on bass for the Red Dons in Hajji’s absence. Here is the information regarding the event.



8:30pm 5$ at the door
@ WORKSOUND (SE 8th and Alder)

News 5/6/09


He’s gone. So sad. Hajji has returned to England for the remained of the year. There will be no more Red Dons shows in 2009. Before he left however, we were able to finish tracking a new LP. Expect it to be released by the end of the year.

In other news…I’m currently piecing together a day by day report from our Brazilian tour last January. It will be featured on Mountza.Blogspot from Greece and translated in a Portuguese for publication in Brazil. I’ll also post small excepts from it on this website later this month. I’ll be sure to announce when each version is released.


News 2/19/09


Yes, Brazil was amazing!!! A huge thank you goes to Mateus, David, and Gregorio for doing such a great job of putting together an astounding tour. Not only did they book the shows and figure out the logistics, but they had to put up with us gringos every day. We really appreciate their hard work. Another big obrigado needs to go to everyone who came to the shows and all the bands we played with. It was astonishing how many people attended our gigs and how enthusiastic everyone was. Thank you for spending time with us and we hope to see you all again soon.

The first two presses of the Brazilian tour version of Death to Idealism sold out quickly. We have a small number of copies from the third press. The same goes for the Brazilian tour presses of Escaping Amman. The first press is completely sold out, but we still have a very limited amount of the second press which is on color vinyl. There will be an announcement soon about when those will be available. Check out our RELEASES page for details regarding these special tour presses.

Over the next month or so we’ll be adding pictures and video on the website from Brazil. Here is a video from a TV show we shot on the first day. For more videos and pictures check out our myspace page.

News 11/6/08


Above is a photo by Mateus Mondini in Brazil last month. The photo features our new guitarist Zach Brooks (Soda Pop Kids, Scott Baio Army). Zach joined the band because time constraints made it too difficult for Andy to participate in our live shows. We are very excited to have Zach in the band.

Tomorrow we will be playing at the Coop with Criminal Damage, and Caregiver. Here is the write up for the show featured in this week’s issue of Willamette Week. It will be our last show before the Brazilian tour and our last show in Portland until March or April.

[ANTIHERO PUNK] “When on-the-rise punk band the Observers suddenly and inexplicably disbanded in 2005, murmurs about the death of the PDX punk scene echoed from the Northwest warehouse district all the way to Felony Flats. But the funeral-baked meats did coldy furnish forth the marriage tables, and not long after the breakup of one of our most historic bands did a formation of equal importance follow. Combining members of the Observers and PDX punk notables Clorox Girls, the Red Dons form a Buzzcocks-channeling supergroup that defies anyone who dares to criticize the incestousness of the Portlandpunk-tribe. Sharp, fast, antihero punk should make for one rowdy fucking house show.” CHANDLER FREDRICK