Seventeen Television

Here is a cool interview with Justin Maurer. He talks about his new book Seventeen Television, The Clorox Girls, and living in L.A. There’s even brief mention of his time in the Red Dons. Buy his books & records! They are the best.

Red Dons in Der Spiegel

A new biography has been published in Russia about one of the original Red Dons, Kim Philby. Here are two links to articles about the new bio.

German: Der Spiegel

English: The Telegraph

Norwegian Radio

Red Dons at Blitz in Oslo 5.5.11, Photo by Trish Bronte

Here is a piece by Trish Bronte about Portland Punk featuring interviews with Red Dons and Tragedy. This originally aired on September 12th, 2011 as a segment on the Bra Trommis program on Radio Nova in Norway. It is narrated in Norwegian but our responses remain in English so you can still make out most of what the interview covers.

Portland Punk on Radio Nova
[audio:Portland Punk – LONG version.MP3]

Erlangen Interview

This is an interview we did last April after our show in Erlangen, Germany. The interview was first broadcast on DiY OR DiE. DiY OR DiE is a monthly live radio show on the only non-commercial independent radio station in Bavaria, Radio Z. Thanks to Andi and Jess for setting up the show and conducting the interview.

Erlangen Interview
[audio:Red Dons Interview Erlangen 110418.MP3]

Caught in the Crossfire Interview

Photo by Mateus Mondini

Here is a link to a new interview featured in Caught in the Crossfire.

…I was having a drink with a good friend of mine recently, and that all important subject of the season came up – our favourite albums of 2010. The general consensus was it has been a great year for punk platters, with one of the big standouts being the latest offering from the transcontinental collective known as Red Dons. Rising from the ashes of Portland, Oregon’s The Observers, the Red Dons have truly come in to their own with second album ‘Fake Meets Failure‘, a collection of incredibly well structured and passionate songs, spiked with intelligent lyrics, all played out to super catchy music. Razorcake Magazine recently went as far as to consider the Red Dons “could very well be the best punk rock band on Earth”. I’m in total agreement…