Erlangen Interview

This is an interview we did last April after our show in Erlangen, Germany. The interview was first broadcast on DiY OR DiE. DiY OR DiE is a monthly live radio show on the only non-commercial independent radio station in Bavaria, Radio Z. Thanks to Andi and Jess for setting up the show and conducting the interview.

Erlangen Interview
[audio:Red Dons Interview Erlangen 110418.MP3]

Mastering Notes from the North London Bomb Factory


As you may know by now I’ve been Mastering on a regular basis and I will be posting some samples of my work before and after. Nothing better to start off with than a song taken from the new Red Dons 7″ available on European tour this April. If you’d like more information contact me at -Hajji

Se Foi: Unmastered
[audio:01 Se Foi (Vox Up).mp3]

Se Foi: Mastered
[audio:Se Foi.mp3]

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