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Paintings by Douglas Burns will be featured in two exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Space of Chicago in February and March. Also in March, Burns will have work featured at the 1366 Space Gallery, and the Print Exchange in Chicago. For updates and details check out .

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  1. Here is a link to a review of the show featuring Doug in Chicago Art Magazine.

    ….The painting by Douglas Burns was another highlight of the show. Its colors and light motion drew me in slowly, and then stayed with me throughout my thinking about the show as a whole entity. Its placement nearing the middle of the gallery made sense to me. It is a very realized and mature piece that acted as the meditative center of the show. In the painting there is a lone man who is meditative while moving forward and away from the viewer, and this really hinged the emotion in these three strong pieces. It seemed everything that was being grappled with in the show was being dealt with truthfully and genuinely in this piece by Burns.

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